To solve business problems by providing world-class information technology products and services through a team of highly motivated professionals committed to excellence.


  • Add Value to Everything We Do
  • Act with Integrity
  • Do it Right the First Time
  • Be Resourceful
  • Take Ownership and Make Things Happen


You can count on Venture Technologies to listen to your unique needs and design solutions that align with your business objectives. We pledge only to make commitments we can keep and to deliver IT solutions on-time and within budget through our highly skilled, resourceful staff. At Venture, common sense, reason and fairness frame our relationship with everyone we serve.

Who We Are

As a premier IT Solutions Provider, Venture Technologies, Inc. delivers the best in Premise Infrastructure Solutions, Collaboration Solutions and , VTCloud® Services and Business Applications Consulting Services to private and public organizations throughout the United States and abroad. We offer a powerful convergence of technology infrastructure and business applications- providing expanded services, security and reliability. We are a single source for everything that your business requires.

Venture Technologies operates multiple high density datacenters. We provide a broad array of cloud, infrastructure-based and business applications based services to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Our Denver, Casper and Jackson datacenters are built with high availability in mind. Venture Technologies uses industry leading infrastructures to provide the most comprehensive capabilities and performance possible. Infrastructure components and bandwidth are important factors in choosing the right technology partner as they differentiate the level of service a data center can provide. Venture also provides applications and platforms as a service and maintains a team of technical professionals that operate our Cisco Master’s Certified Managed Services Support Center 24x7x365.

Venture Technologies is not a traditional public cloud provider. We provide private and hybrid cloud solutions and solution strategies to customers that have much more sophisticated needs. We pride ourselves on meeting the demanding needs of a changing technology landscape and delivering an unmatched level of customer support.

At Venture Technologies, Inc., we are committed to helping organizations unlock the value and true potential of information technology. Our enterprise-class products and consistently certified engineers provide unparalleled (99.999% uptime) service. We help you improve productivity, optimize resources and maximize ROI.

People are our most precious asset

  • Our people work as a team to deliver results. We view technology as the instrument by which we improve the quality of life for everyone we serve – customers, employees and business partners.
  • We believe that knowledge is power. We promote continuing education, training and certifications for our staff and we care about their professional development. We leverage this investment to serve our customers.
  • We value and promote diversity in our staff and we believe in balance.

We put our customers first

  • We listen first, then talk. We empower our people to take ownership of issues, with a focus on helping people – first.
  • We have a passion for ensuring that our customers receive the best experience possible.
  • We think ahead; and we believe in answering the question before it’s asked.
  • We use the exact technology we provide to our customers and we never underestimate the value of common sense.
  • We treat every issue – no matter the size and complexity – with equal importance. We thrive on details and we are committed to getting things right the first time.
  • We don’t pretend to have all of the answers – nobody does. We leverage our vast internal and external resources and work as a team to solve business and technical problems.

We have high integrity and standards

  • We are stubborn when it comes to integrity and standards – we won’t compromise those.
  • We are guided by the golden rule. We respect the individual – ALL individuals.
  • We are honest and transparent. Problems are inherent in IT, but when they occur, we work tirelessly and continuously until a resolution is achieved.
  • We don’t make commitments we can’t fulfill and we take pride in our reputation for honoring the commitments we make.
  • We strive for perfection; if we miss, we achieve excellence.
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