Video Conferencing Solutions from Venture allow you to significantly cut travel costs and save time by creating High-Definition (HD), face-to-face meeting opportunities. Video Conferencing is no longer just for the largest enterprises. It is affordable, reliable and easy to use. Recent advancements have made HD video that streams clearly with very low bandwidth requirements.

Venture’s team of network engineers and video architects combine to design the best solution to fit your organization’s needs. We conduct a comprehensive review of

  • Your business objectives for video conferencing
  • Number of sites to be connected and users per site
  • Network resources and connectivity
  • Conference room and environmental factors to ensure the best video conferencing experience possible.

HD Video Conferencing and TelePresence

  • Reduce costly travel expenses
  • Cut travel time allowing for a better work-life balance
  • Facilitate meetings across multiple locations
  • Enhance relationships between remote workers in different locations
  • Conduct life-like meetings with clear, consistent HD streaming
  • Set up and conduct meetings easily and quickly