Venture’s Mobile Cloud

Legacy infrastructures are tedious and costly to maintain, and deployment of new services is cumbersome. Cloud computing offers a means for management to address the issues of budget constraints and agility of service. Venture has built a mobile, enterprise-class, fully functional private cloud. Our one-of-a-kind Mobile Cloud travels to organizations across the southeast to road shows and on house calls so you can see and test the benefits of cloud computing and a virtualized infrastructure first hand:

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Higher performance
  • Faster provisioning
  • Streamlined IT and administration
  • Increased fault tolerance

Venture’s Mobile Cloud incorporates all of the building blocks of a full-scale deployment, including virtualized servers, storage, networking, and desktop virtualization technology.

  • Test your applications or work with the installed management tools
  • Witness the ease of administration and maintenance with minimal impact on the production environment
  • See the benefits of deduplicated disk-backup with the installed EMC Avamar solution
  • Learn the benefits of bundling compute, storage, and network components into a Vblock platform from VCE.

Additionally, our Mobile Cloud features the full suite of Cisco’s Collaboration tools. See how unified communications, video, web conferencing, and a host of other collaboration tools can drive productivity and transform your workplace.

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