Venture Technologies provides customized wireless networking solutions through our partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco, Aruba Networks and NetMotion Wireless. Venture can provide fast, reliable and secure wireless access throughout your office or campus.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

  • Access resources from any location within the wireless network’s coverage area
  • Increase productivity and collaboration
  • VT Certified, professional installation
  • Expand WLANs easily where and as needed
  • Reduce cost to operate by reducing wiring expenses

Wireless Metro Area Networks (WMAN)

  • Allow mobile workers to roam freely without losing their network connection
  • Link corporate offices with home-office workers
  • Connect hospitals, clinics and remote physicians
  • Link school campus buildings, dorms, athletic facilities and other offices
  • Connect all public safety departments with emergency field officers and command posts

Mobile Wireless VPN solutions

  • Maintain connections and application sessions automatically
  • Protect data traffic and wireless devices with the industry’s highest encryption standards
  • Optimize connections and QoS to improve network speed and prioritize critical applications
  • Create a centralized view of wireless deployments with comprehensive reporting
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