Public Safety Solutions

VTSafety First

Venture Technologies provides NG 9-1-1 technology solutions for the Public Safety sector. Venture Technologies has partnered with Intrado, Airbus, Stancil, Verint and ECaTS to deliver NG 9-1-1 technology to our customers and satisfy the most demanding communication needs of Public Safety organizations.

Call Handling

VT Safety First offers best of class Call Management solutions from industry leaders such as, Intrado and Airbus DS Communications. Based on our extensive data discovery process our E-911 Technical Architects are able to recommend the solution that is right for your PSAP operations.

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GIS Locate

Gain greater confidence and control in data accuracy, administrative costs, call routing and resource allocation. Public Safety GIS products provide better, more informed decision making and a safer, more effective emergency response with intuitive and tightly integrated E9-1-1 and GIS solutions.

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The reporting trends of the NG9-1-1 environment require MIS solutions that will meet the needs of the modern PSAP while providing cost effective implementations for today’s environment.

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911 Watch

Venture Technologies’ VT-911 Watch portfolio reflects years of experience integrating various applications for our 911 client environments. VT-911 Watch provides the highest quality service from the industry’s best and brightest engineers.

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