Venture’s Data Center is a hardened facility that is purpose-built to house IT assets and host mission-critical applications. Our highly resilient infrastructure ensures continuous access for your users via a variety of private or Internet connectivity options.

Your IT assets are safe in our highly secure facility. Our Data Center’s grounds and building are continuously patrolled. Multiple levels of authentication are required to enter the facility. The entire facility is under continuous video surveillance. Biometric identification allows only authorized access. We employ enterprise-class network security technology to protect against unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Unlike other colocation providers, our services are customizable to fit your unique technical and business requirements.

Benefits of VTCloud® Colocation

  • Operate your private hardware in a “hardened” environment
  • Leverage our powerful, secure, resilient infrastructure and high-capacity connectivity
  • Never worry about costly data center downtime
  • Access your servers through direct connectivity or internet VPN
  • Cisco Powered data center

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